Frequently Asked Questions

Pest Control FAQs:

Why Should I Choose Oasis Pest Control?

Oasis Pest Control is a locally family owned and operated Pest Control company that offers professional services with true customer service! You will always be able to talk to the owners like they are family here. We are very flexible with payment plans and programs made just for you.

Why Should I Hire A Professional When I Can Try To Do It Myself?

Our professional applicators are licensed in many fields to help with all pest control needs. With these licenses we can apply specific products needed for the time of year, area of home or building and to target specific pests on proper schedules.

Home owners can only purchase " box store chemicals" that are not set up for specific targets all year round. Also most homeowners are busy and have a hard time scheduling the time to do their next application and where and how to apply it.

How can I contact you for pest control services?

You can reach out and contact Oasis Pest Control via phone call, text message, our website, facebook or email.

What areas of Idaho do you service?

We are located in Post Falls and service the surrounding area all the way up to Blanchard and out west to Spokane Valley.

Are rodents covered under your pest control services?

We do offer rodent control and many other specialty services.

Are the products you use safe for my home?

The products we use are safe for your home and are human and pet friendly. Once products are applied there is a short dry time and then you are good to go.

Although the labels read safe to be around after the products are dry, we still suggest you leave them alone and let them do their job and stay where they are placed.

Do I have to leave my home when you treat for pests?

You do not have to leave your home during the applications.

Do you treat for ants?


Do you treat for Carpenter ants?

Yes, we are licensed to professionally treat active infestations or carpenter ants and we also provide all of our customers protection from them invading their home annually with a preventative treatment that is included with all of our home service programs.

Do you treat for cockroaches?


What other pests do you control?

Spiders, ants, carpernter ants, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, earwigs, box elder, aphids, moth, bed bugs, milaped, beetles and the list goes on.

What can I do to prevent pests?

We have some tips on our website and also postings on Facebook. The 1st things we suggest to make sure are done are to repair or replace damaged window screens and door seals. These are easy access areas for all types of insects and rodents.

Wasp FAQs:

Where do wasps typically build their nests?

In safe areas of the the home and structures that are out of the wind and the elements such as behind rain downspouts, under stairs and decking, high up in the eaves, in trees and bushes, in the ground, fence posts, behind shutters, laundry poles, vents, and many more hard to reach locations that we protect against and extract them from.

Just like us, they enjoy their shelters and homes.

What should I do if I locate a wasps nest on my property?

Call Oasis Pest Control right away! We have many different non-invasive techniques to handle all kinds of different locations of wasp nests and hives.

Are wasp nests permanent?

Yes and no. Most nests that you see are called satellite nests. Those nests are mostly always a temporary home for the queen and her gang. Larger ones can grow over the years but are usually always in a very safe place such as in the ground or in an attic.

How long do your products last?

Most all professional products break down in high heats and direct uv light exposure over time. We change the products we use through each season during our programs to make sure that adequate protection of your home is being taken care of per each program.

Does Oasis Pest Control have a guaranteed program?

Yes, yes we do. We have great reviews and customer feedback about how our services are the best in the business and that our guarantee is hassle free and the products used work just as hard as we do for our customers.

Do you have contracts that everyone has to sign and can't get out of?

NO CONTRACTS! We have many different programs to fit everyone's budgets and needs. Not everyone believes they need year round pest control and most feel they do because bugs don't die unless we treat for them!

We have payment plans, no contacts, specialized pest management programs and no late fees. Who else offers that?