What height to cut your grass for the time of season

In order to keep your lawn and grass healthy throughout the year, it is important to make sure you set your mower to the appropriate length. Here are our tips to help you make sure you are cutting your grass at the right length each season:

• 2.5 inches First cut in the spring to remove old grass and debris. (Bag up this first cutting)

 • 3.0 inches For the rest of the spring until temperatures hit 70 degrees.

• 3.5 inches For the summer to help protect and shade the root zone and to help keep water in the soil longer.

• 3.0 inches In the fall so the roots can dry up a little before the winter. When temperatures drop to the 60’s and lower.

• 2.5 inches After the first real frost. Grass will really start to slow down growth at this point. (Last cuttings of the season)

DISCLAIMER Everything mentioned above are to be taken and used as recommendations and suggestions only of what to do and how to do lawn /yard maintenance.