Watering your lawn, how much and when?

Watering your lawn

How much water does your lawn need
• 1.5 inches of water a week is recommended once grass starts to grow. (You may need more depending on soil type, thatch layer thickness, etc.)
• In the spring start watering 1 or 2 days a week. Less if there is lots of rain.
• Late spring/summer increase watering up to 3 days a week depending on rainfall. If no rain make sure there is at least 1.5 inches of water on the lawn weekly.
• Give at least 1 to 2 days between watering days so the top soil can dry up a bit to help prevent mold and other issues like disease. It also will help make the roots grow deeper and stronger.
• In the fall start cutting your watering days back to 1 to 2 days as the days and nights get colder. If it rains a lot during the week cut your watering off so as to not drench the soil for long periods of time.

What time of day to water and for how long
• Water in the morning so that it can evaporate from the grass and not create issues with mold and disease. Night watering is not recommended.
• ½ inch of water per watering day. Usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour per zone depending on nozzle GPM.

How to test if you are getting enough water on your lawn
• A tuna can is about 1 inch deep. Set a few empty cans out and turn on the sprinkler system for 45 minutes to see what your heads are putting down.
• We sell rain gauges as well if you would like a more accurate measurement.

Add watering time IF…
• Grass starts to turn a darkening dull color or grays up. Going “Dormant”
• If spots are getting “crunchy”, even in just a few spots. Sprinklers may need some adjusting.
• When you walk on it and it does not “Spring” back up shortly after.

What to do if you notice the above symptoms in your lawn
• May just need to add a day or two to the watering schedule. Do not let this happen a lot in the summer.
• Keep grass tall (3.5 inches) in high heat weeks, 80+ degrees.

Everything mentioned above are to be taken and used as recommendations and suggestions only of what to do and how to do lawn/yard maintenance.