Watering stressed grass - What causes it and how to get it green again?

Watering stressed grass, what causes it and how to get it green again?

Heat and Drought Stress watering. “Hot spell”
• Drought Stress. Not enough water, rain or sun for days with 85+ degree days on end.
• Heat Stress. Root temperature above 80 degrees. A bare or dead spot is Waaaay hotter than a healthy green spot    in the lawn.

How to water stressed grass
• Mist for 5-10 minutes during the heat of the day. This will no hurt your grass no matter what others have said.
• Use an impact sprinkler and set it with the screw in so to make a “misting” action.
• Your normal watering system will work as well. Is better than no help during this stressful time of the day. Kind of like you working in the sun all morning and then jumping in a pool for a couple minutes to cool down.

Everything mentioned above are to be taken and used as recommendations and suggestions only of what to do and how to do lawn/yard maintenance.